Bill Bertrand

Bill's Bio

Bill was born in the small Southeast Texas town of Winnie. He grew up with a strong Cajun influence listening to the sounds of Cajun and Zydeco music, but also country and some Southern Gospel thrown in for good measure. Bill was in his first band at age 14 playing the local clubs through his high school years. He then went to Sam Houston State, and he drifted away from music and into rodeo. After being out of music for 15 years the tug at his soul was too great, and he came back to music and started a band in 1992. For the last 10 years, Bill has been singing and playing in the clubs and dance halls around Southcentral Texas. He has released his first CD, Looking Back In Time and will be going back to the studio in the Spring to record a new CD of all original songs.

Bill has sang in Nashville at the Nashville Palace and has worked with musicians such as Benny McArthur, Ronnie Huckabee, Rick McCray which are all working for George Strait. He has worked with Billy English who works for Willie Nelson and David Varnado who plays for Chris Ledoux. Bill had the wonderful experience of working in the Bismeaux Studio which is owned by Ray Benson. These are just a few of the artists and muscians he's worked with. Bill's music has a traditional country flare to it but in listening you can here the other influences in his life that molded him into the singer he is today.

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